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ProWeigh Filters for Suspended Solids

Ask about ProWeigh Express, our computer software program that totally automates Suspended Solids Testing
ProWeighs are pre-prepared filters for solids analysis that eliminate all the hands-on steps for filter preparation. The filter washing, drying, desiccating and weighing are already done!
With ProWeighs, all you have to do is filter your sample, dry it and take the final weight.
Reproducibility is always +/- 0.2 mg.
Accuracy is +/- 0.4 mg max, except for ProWeigh 5 decimal which is +/- 0.07 mg max.

StyleSize in mmCatalog #2010 Price
per pack
ProWeigh47F93447MM 50.00
DoubleWeigh47F93447MM-X 65.00
ProWeigh for Volatiles47F93447VOL 60.00
ProWeigh42F93442MM 60.00
ProWeigh55F93455MM 55.00
ProWeigh76F93476MM 70.00
DoubleWeigh76F93476MM-X 80.00
ProWeigh for Volatiles76F93476VOL 75.00
ProWeigh90F93490MM 80.00
DoubleWeigh90F93490MM-X 85.00
ProWeigh for Volatiles90F93490VOL 85.00
ProWeigh110F934110MM 85.00
ProWeigh for Volatiles110F934110VOL 90.00

AccessoriesDescriptionCatalog #
Universal Solids StandardTDS, TSS, VSS, TS, Solid Std.F95005 35.00
ProWeigh ExpressSoftware ProgramF934881 850.00

AutoBlock Automated Digestion System

The AutoBlock can digest up to 54 samples simultaneously in accordance with EPA digestion protocols or a user designed digestion program. The AutoBlock controls temperature, ramp rate, and digestion time and will automatically add up to five different reagents at different times (or 10 reagents with the SC862) during the digestion process in a HEPA filtered environment. The AutoBlock includes a 54 place HotBlock. It has all of the heating functions and capabilities of the HotBlock plus the enclosure, reagent dispensing, etc.. We use the same graphite block and heater mat in the AutoBlock as we do in the HotBlock. AutoBlock and HotBlock use the same accessories.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
AutoBlock5 ReagentSC860-240 16,350.00
AutoBlock10 ReagentSC862-240 19,850.00
Reagent Kit 6 place Acid Bottle Rack, and 5 Delivery Caps.SC880 335.00
Pump tubing Replacement Long Lasting PTFE, rated for 1500 hours.SC866 300.00
HEPA Filter Replacement 99.9% capture of particles 0.3mm or larger SC868 95.00
Reagent Delivery Caps 38mm Teflon Caps with tubing port and vent with filter.SC873 35.00

HotBlock Digestion System

Our HotBlock digestion systems come in a variety of sizes depending on your laboratory needs. HotBlocks have been EPA approved as a suitable means of performing digestions. HotBlocks are CE certified and are available in 110 and 220V. Use our AirLite enclosure to perform digestions in a HEPA filtered environment.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
HotBlock54 Well, 50 ml SC154-240 2,950.00
HotBlock36 Well, 50 ml SC100-240 2,500.00
HotBlock25 Well, 100 ml SC150-240 2,700.00
HotBlock35 Well, 100 ml SC151-240 3,100.00
Transfer Rackfor SC100 & SC154SC200 31.00
Transfer Rackfor SC150 & 151
set of 2
SC225 65.00

AirLite Enclosure for HotBlocks

The AirLite Enclosure allows you to perform digestions in a HEPA filtered environment.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
AirLite EnclosureFits all HotBlocks SC801 1,200.00
AirLite Fan Replacement Exhaust Fan SC830-240 110.00
AirLite HEPA Filter HEPA Filter Replacement SC840 28.00

AutoBlock & HotBlock Accessories

AutoBlock and HotBlock accessories.

SCP Style
ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Reagent Kit 6 place Acid Bottle Rack, and 5 Delivery Caps.SC880 315.00
Disposable 50 ml Glass Vials case of 432SC432 195.00
50 ml Digestion Vessel
1-5 cases
case of 500
SC475 75.00
50 ml Digestion Vessel
6-9 cases
case of 500
SC475 68.00
50 ml Digestion Vessel
10+ cases
case of 500
SC475 63.00
44mm Watch Glass
for SC475
case of 1000
SC505 90.00
Reflux Caps
for SC 475
case of 1000SC506 90.00
100 ml Digestion Vessel Polypropylene
case of 200
SC490 45.00
52mm Watch Glass
for SC490
case of 500
SC610 60.00
Molded PFA Vessel
with cap
EachSC545 24.00
Sample Cup Rack 18 place
polycarbonate racks.
SC864 28.00
Acid Bottle Rack For 2.5 Liter bottlesSC865 185.00


Some samples may require that the digested sample be filtered prior to analysis. Use FilterMate with our SC475 digestion cups for a convenient and inexpensive method of filtration that requires no transfer steps.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
FilterMate2 Micron (Teflon)
Case of 100
SC0401 55.00
FilterMate0.7 Micron (GF)
Case of 100
SC0404 55.00
FilterMate0.45 Micron (Teflon)
Case of 100
SC0407 70.00
Certified FilterMate 2 Micron (Teflon)
Case of 100
SC0408 65.00

Syringe Filters

Some samples may require that the digested sample be filtered prior to analysis. For many the simplest method is to use syringe filters. Simply draw the sample into the syringe, then dispense it into a clean sample vessel and it is ready to run.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # Price per case
(200 per case)
PES Syringe Filter0.20 MicronSF020E 120.00
PES Syringe Filter0.45 MicronSF045E 120.00
Nylon Syringe Filter0.20 MicronSF020N 120.00
Nylon Syringe Filter0.45 MicronSF045N 120.00
PTFE Syringe Filter0.45 MicronSF045T 120.00
PVDF Syringe Filter0.20 MicronSF020V 120.00
PVDF Syringe Filter0.45 MicronSF045V 120.00

TCLP Filters

Each box of TCLP filters is supplied with an independent certification of preparation warranting that the filters were prepared by EPA Method 1311 protocols.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Acid Washed 47 mm Filters, 100 pkFG77047MM 42.00
Acid Washed 90 mm Filters, 50 pkFG77090MM 32.00
Acid Washed 110 mm Filters, 50 pkFG77110MM 50.00
Acid Washed 125 mm Filters, 50 pkFG77125MM 68.00
Acid Washed 142 mm Filters, 50 pkFG77142MM 84.00
Acid Washed 150 mm Filters, 50 pkFG77150MM 90.00
Standard Certified 47 mm Filters, 100 pkFG75047MM 20.00
Standard Certified 90 mm Filters, 50 pkFG75090MM 35.00
Standard Certified 110 mm Filters, 50 pkFG75110MM 62.50
Standard Certified 125 mm Filters, 50 pkFG75125MM 77.00
Standard Certified 142 mm Filters, 50 pkFG75142MM 97.00
Standard Certified 150 mm Filters, 50 pkFG75150MM 112.00


The large 6.25" X 6.25" X 12.75" stainless steel compartments on the LE rotators will accommodate most zero space extractors and many styles of glass and plastic bottles. The box style design offers a greater degree of safety than other styles of rotators.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Rotator12 PlaceLE1002 3,000.00

MaxFil Pressure Filtration Device

Pressurization is achieved by use of a quick connect fitting instead of a cumbersome hose-barb fitting. This quick-connect requires no clamping and cannot "blow off" during filtration. All pressures are monitored by a liquid filled gauge located on the top plate of the the MaxFil.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
MaxFilPressure Filturation DevicePF000-1 1,475.00
MaxFilTeflon Coated
Pressure Filturation Device
PF100-1 2,725.00

ZHE+ Zero Head Space Extractor

The Environmental Express zero head space extractor, the ZHE+, is the finest device of its type available. Constructed of type 316 stainless steel, the ZHE+ has a capacity of 560mL, more than enough to utilize the maximum test sample of 25 grams as allowed by federal regulations.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
ZHE+Zero Head Space ExtractorZHE 1000 925.00

Disposable Filter Funnels

The new disposable, polypropylene filter funnels are convenient and prevent sample-to-sample contamination. Filter may be removed after filtration if filtrate is of interest. Device has a total capacity of 68mL and uses standard 25mm filters. Filter funnel is complete with top cap (not shown) and filter supports. Tip of funnel fits through standard rubber stopper. Device is provided unassembled or complete with several choices of filters. Other filter choices may be available upon request.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Disposable Filter Funnels Unassembled with
Support Pad
F1500 18.00
Disposable Filter Funnels Assembled with
0.1 Micron PP Filter
F1525P 55.00
Disposable Filter Funnels Assembled with
0.7 GF Filter
F1525T 50.00
Disposable Filter Funnels Assembled with
0.45 Micron MCE Filter
F1525M 45.00

Disposable Titrator Cups

Now you can save time and prevent sample-to-sample carrryover with low cost disposable titrator cups. Disposable polypropylene cup is a perfect fit in Radiometer titration systems. Having a total capacity of 68mL, this product is unaffected by almost all laboratory reagents. Cups are supplied is cases of 500.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Titrator Cup RadioMeter 30mL,
500 pk
SC375 65.00

Radiological Testing Supplies

These ion-exchange columns are an excellent choice for performing many types of resin separations. These columns are made of clarified polypropylene and are available with or without a frit. Columns fit snugly with our low cost, disposable funnel. This funnel enables the user to work with up to 200mL of solution at a time. Columns come complete with a top cap and a vinyl cap that seals the exit port.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Ion Exchange Columns Small column with Frit,
50 pk
R1010 35.00
Ion Exchange Columns Small column with Frit,
200 pk
R10104 135.00
Ion Exchange Columns Small column
without Frit,
50 pk
R1011 30.00
Extra Frit Extra Frit for R1010,
50 pk
R1012 5.00
Ion Exchange Columns Large column with Frit,
50 pk
R1020 55.00
Ion Exchange Columns Large column with Frit,
200 pk
R10204 200.00
Extra Frit Extra Frit for R1020,
50 pk
R1022 7.00
Funnels Funnels
50 pk
R1030 17.50
Funnels Funnels
200 pk
R10304 65.00
Rack for Environmental Express Columns RR1002 195.00

Ghost Wipes

This revolutionary product eases sample preparation and analysis of surface lead or surface dust. The Ghost Wipe is a sturdy wiping material that holds together even on the roughest wiping surfaces. At the lab the Ghost Wipe readily and completely dissolves during the digestion process providing more uniform recoveries. Ghost Wipes meet all ASTM Designation E1792-96E specifications for sampling materials for lead in surface dust. Wipes are 15cm x 15cm and are supplied in individual sealed packets.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
Ghost Wipes 500 pk SC4210 68.50
Ghost Wipes 1000 pk SC4250 115.00

Air Monitoring Cassettes and Filters

25mm asbestos cassettes are made of conductive polypropylene. They are supplied with 0.8m mixed cellulose ester filters for PCM. The Classic Style has the advantage of having no hidden areas for dust to collect.
37mm cassettes are made from clear styrene and are supplied with 0.8m mixed cellulose ester filters.
For gravimetric analysis, 37mm cassettes with either preweighed filters or matched weight filters are available. Preweighed filter cassettes with PVC filters are weighed to the nearest 10g. For applications that require elemental analysis as well as weighing, matched weight cassettes are available. The MCE filter pairs are matched to the nearest 50g.

ProductDescriptionCatalog # 2010 Prices
25mm Cassettes Classic Style PCM Cassettes,
Box of 50
CS25080 52.50
37mm Cassettes With 0.8 micron MCE filter,
Box of 50
CU37080 52.50
37mm Matched Weight Cassettes MCE filter pairs matched to nearest 50g,
Box of 50
CU37080MW 160.00
37mm Preweighed Cassettes 5 Micron PVC Filter,
Box of 50
CU37500PVCPW 125.00
Mixed Ester Cellulose Filter 37mm Diameter,
0.8 pore size
Box of 100
F370800 35.00